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Nordic Country singer & songwriter

                New Album

           - A Year in a life - 

               Out jan. 18th 



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'Den danske sangerinde og sangskriver Rebekka Thornbech er et levende og livsbekræftende bevis på at den danske countryscene ikke står i stampe. Med andre ord er der tale om nordisk country anno 2016. Hun fremstår med sine fængende, forførende og uafrystelige sange som en fuldblods countryartist der hører til i den absolutte a-kæde.


'Albummet er præget af et særegent element af nordisk melankoli, det rummer både noget Sydstat og noget Norden, noget traditionelt og noget forfriskende nyt og personligt. (Sangene) forekommer ægte og ærlige, påtrængende nødvendige. - modigt, effektivt og fokuseret.'

- GAFFA, Ivan Rod ***

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         Upcoming concerts 2019

  • 18/1 - Album Release, Chr. Beboerhus

  • 2/2 - Snow-Foxtail Folk Festival, Chr.            Beboerhus

  • 30/3 - Ishøj Kulturhus

  • 27/4 - Baltoppen, Ballerup

  • 3/5 - Gimle 'Tanken', Roskilde

  • 5-7/7 - Skagen Festival, Skagen

                   More dates TBA


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Wanderlust means to have a deep and uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world. That's the exact feeling that Rebekkas music and latest album WANDERLUST sprung from - Wanderlust mixed with a longing to find peace of mind and a place to call home. In January 2018 Rebekka Thornbech began working on her new album A YEAR IN A LIFE. It's a concept album divided into 4 EP's - one for each season of the year. Rebekka will write the album during 2018 while releasing it and in that way keep the songwriting as fresh and on the spot as possibly - telling the story of a year in her life. 

June 3rd 2016 the Nordic Country singer/songwriter Rebekka Thornbech from Denmark released her new album Wanderlust, which was mostly written during a long visit to Nashville, the home of country music. The music is deeply rooted within country, americana and bluegrass and is flavored with catchy choruses. Wanderlust creates a universe built on hope and longing and fuses americana with Rebekka's Nordic roots, creating a distinct Nordic country sound. The songs 'We got Time' and 'Sunshine follow me' from the album has recieved a lot of airplay and was two of the most played songs on the danish radio station P5 during the summer of 2016.

Rebekka grew up in a family where music always played an enormous part of the daily life. Rebekka and her three sisters have been singing together as long as they can all remember and that clearly shines through in Rebekkas music today, where her sisters Hannah and Emma always sings the backing vocals. Since Rebekka returned from Nashville she has assembled a bluegrass-inspired band including her sisters Hannah and Emma. With strong vocal harmonies the three sisters and the band delivers an acoustic musical universe that moves from lyrical ballads to energetic bluegrass.   

Rebekka published her first single 'Woman' in 2013, a song which received a lot of airplay on Danish radio. On March 7th, 2014 her debut album SO BE IT was released, reaching number 7 on the album charts in Denmark.

In March 2014 she was a contestant in the preliminary Danish part of the European Song Contest with the song 'Your Lies', which came in second.

Rebekka released the singles 'Tell-tale heart' and 'Better days will come' in 2017 and has been touring Denmark the last years.

In march 2018 Rebekka released her first ep SPRING in her album series A YEAR IN A LIFE. June 1st she released the second ep SUMMER. FALL was released october 1st and the final ep in the series - WINTER - will be released december 1st.

The full album A YEAR IN A LIFE will be released on January 18th 2019.


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                       Booking:  rebekka.thornbech.booking@gmail.com 



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